Three Cushions and a Rainbow…

Hello there… are you having a good Summer?

I’m not sure how the end of August is very nearly here. How did that happen so fast! I don’t know if it’s the same where you are but the mornings have started to feel slightly cooler and at the weekend I heard the first of the geese fly overhead on their noisy journey. This is normally a sign that the Autumn is approaching and for me one of my favourite times of year. I have the same sense of excitement as the Spring and I think it’s that back to school feeling of new beginnings that makes me like the Autumn so much.


Little Pickle and I managed to visit our favourite local farm a couple of weeks ago and picked a huge bowl of raspberries and blackberries and a small bag of plums. They were delicious and there’s nothing like eating fruit that is still warm from the sun.

IMGP1156  IMGP1129

Over the past few weeks I’ve worked on three different cushion commissions. The first was for a very special lady who was turning 80. I was very lucky to be given a completely blank canvas and decided to reach for some Liberty squares and embroidery threads and came up with this…

   IMGP0923   IMGP0920

   IMGP0933   IMGP0939

The cross stitch pattern came from a book that I first mentioned here and I used the scraps of water soluble canvas I had left over from a free magazine gift to complete the design. There is something sooo satisfying about pulling off the jelly like scraps of waste canvas when they are wet.


The next commission was for two new babies and the brief was rainbows, hearts, stars and flowers. One for a boy and one for a girl. Now then, I’ve made a rainbow cushion in the past and it very nearly convinced me that sewing wasn’t for me. I vowed that I wouldn’t make another one…no siree, never ever! Well…that didn’t last longer than about five minutes…I decided that this time things would be a bit simpler and straight forward to save not only my sanity but the sanity of everyone in our house! I had great fun ordering nearly all of my supplies from the wonderful Pretty Fabric and Trims and matching up a selection of threads. After lots of cutting and stitching the following cushion babies were born…

   IMGP1079   IMGP1102

Welcome to the world Zosia and Kenzie!

IMGP1082   IMGP1087

IMGP1088   IMGP1099

     IMGP1097    IMGP1090

   These cushions were also my first cushiony collaboration with my super talented friend Jo. Do you remember the apples from my last post? Well Jo was able to use her fabulous crochet skills and made me the crochet hearts and stars for these cushions. It’s the first time that I’ve added crochet decorations and I’m so pleased that I did and very grateful for Jo’s suggestion!

IMGP1086   IMGP1094

In between the Summer sunshine there have been a sprinkling of showers that created some beautiful rainbows. Look at this one taken from the window in Little Pickle’s room. I love how bright the colours look against the inky grey sky.

photo 2

I hope that you have a lovely weekend. We’re heading away for a few days on Monday and I can’t wait to be near the sea again.

I’ll be back soon with news of a mini quilt and a Minecraft Bag!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and see you soon.



When it rains…

Hello there. Have you had a lovely weekend? It’s been quite a busy one here and in between swimming lessons and a trip to a very busy soft play I managed to finish off a little project I started just after my last post. I was held up slightly after a particularly silly accident in the kitchen where I managed to burn both my hands. I took something out of the oven, got distracted and promptly turned around and picked it up….minus the oven gloves this time. Oh my, it hurt and the poor palms of my hands were very, very sore. It meant that there was no sewing for me for a few days and I got a bit behind with a lot of projects.

If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that rainbows seem to feature. This was quite accidental and recently I seem to have seen quite a few.

Some big…

Large Rainbow

and some small…


I wanted to include a rainbow in my new project. It was inspired by a magazine cutting given to me by a very thoughtful friend that had a lovely little cloud mobile with hanging rain drops. I had wanted to make something like this for a while and seen some other examples on Pinterest. So, I sketched out a cloud and raindrop and got to work cutting out and embroidering.

IMGP0192  IMGP0194

Aren’t these pretty? I got very distracted by the petal shapes and it got me thinking of all kinds of quilting possibilities and new projects…

I decided to embroider the cloud with one of my favourite sayings and included a little bit of extra decoration.


After some sewing, stuffing and an attempt at the raindrops twice (these were very fiddly!) I ended up with this…


What do you think?

IMGP0243  IMGP0247

IMGP0236  IMGP0238

I think that the raindrops were my favourite bit. They were worth sewing twice (just please don’t look too closely at my stitching)

IMGP0237  IMGP0246

IMGP0231  IMGP0232

I had a small move around of various bits and pieces and this is now hanging up in the bathroom looking very cheery and colourful.

This lovely hyacinth has been brightening and scenting the living room. I love its pale pink stripe.


That’s Little Pickle in the background when he was only a couple of months old. I love this picture.

I have the rest of the Great Gatsby to watch this evening. Busy days have meant that I’ve watched it over three evenings but I’ve loved it. Amazing costumes, flowers and scenery. I’ve really enjoyed every minute…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon.



F is for…

Hello there, have you had a nice weekend? Seeing the sunshine today was lovely wasn’t it?


It crept in this morning and even left us one of these…


A little quilt rainbow.

We decided to head out for a walk this afternoon and Little Pickle, Furry Pickle and I visited our local park. It was so nice to get out and enjoy a good ride on the swings and bounce on the trampoline.


We spotted these little beauties and it’s made me think that Spring might almost be here.


Do you remember the little felt flowers from one of my earlier posts? Well, f is for finished! What do you think?

IMGP0116  IMGP0117

IMGP0099  IMGP0098

The pictures aren’t fantastic I’m afraid and were taken on a very grey and dreary day but I hope you like it as much as I do. I made it for a very special little girl called Flo who turned one a couple of days ago. One is such a special birthday and making this made me feel very cheerful indeed.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



Hello there….

Hello there….thank you for stopping by, especially as this is my first ever blog post! I’ve wanted to write a blog for a while but somehow it just hasn’t happened. If I’m really honest I set this blog up before Christmas with the hope of starting in January but life seemed to take over a little bit and we’re racing ahead into February already. I decided that 2014 was going to be the year that I made a bit more time for me….

IMGP0050I’m a wife and a mummy to my gorgeous little boy and Westie. I love, love, love sewing and crafting and hope this little blog will be a way for me to write about my crafty adventures and escape for a while. Did I mention that I’m more than a little bit fond of Spring flowers? At the moment a white hyacinth is flowering in the living room and every morning I am greeted with its perfume. Some teeny tiny daffodils have also put in an appearance this week and are a welcome ray of sunshine in between the endless showers.

  IMGP0019   IMGP0011   IMGP0018

My big crafting crush at the moment is patchwork. It’s official my name is Victoria and I am indeed a patchwork addict. I’m working on four blocks at the moment. I’m not sure what they will be but I’m thinking of finding a gap somewhere to hang them. They are a real work in progress but here’s what I’ve done so far…

IMGP0025  IMGP0027

These little hexies were started at a quilting workshop ran by a very special lady called Ros who I am very pleased to say is now a friend. She’s an amazing quilter and very inspiring. I haven’t quite finished this block…but I love the combination of patterns.

IMGP0038 IMGP0037 IMGP0035 IMGP0032 IMGP0033 IMGP0034

This block was my first ever attempt at quilting and is a Dresden Plate design from the Cath Kidston Patch book using up all the lovely fabrics that were included. I’m not sure which direction the other two blocks will take but I have a little idea about bees and hexagons and pretty yellow fabric…

In other news we  had a carpet rainbow today…


Pretty isn’t it?