Lily’s Mini Quilt

Hello there…

Did you have a good half term? We enjoyed some beautiful weather and it’s hard to believe now that we were enjoying temperatures of over 20 degrees just over a week ago. We had a fun week and visited Legoland for the first time and also managed to see The Book of Life. This was a wonderful film and I would really recommend it. It was visually so beautiful and very funny in parts. I also managed a quick evening trip to Ikea with my lovely friend Jo and we had lots of fun looking at all the festive decorations and getting excited about this very pretty wrapping paper.


The final day of the holiday looked a bit like this…


…so I took the opportunity to get out my (floral patterned) tools and set about making this rather messy corner…


…look like this…


Not bad for a Sunday morning and Little Pickle’s room looks much tidier, although I’m not sure how long that will last!

A little while back one of my closest and dearest friends gave birth to her beautiful little girl Lily May. Lily is a very special little lady and her arrival was cause for some serious stitching. I had wanted to make a mini quilt wall hanging for a while and was very inspired by the hugely talented Amy over at one of my (all time) favourite blogs nanacompany Amy had made a gorgeous mini quilt with little scraps of her favourite fabrics. You can read about it here  I loved the idea of making use of all the little pieces of fabric I had been saving and  after deciding on a heart design came up with the following…

IMGP1170  IMGP1193

I also wanted to make Lily a little party dress…all girls need a party dress! I came across this free pattern for the Little Geranium Dress. It was a very simple and straightforward pattern to follow and I really enjoyed making it. I am pretty sure that I’m going to be making a few pattern purchases from here in the near future. I think that the twins will need some new additions to the S/S 2015 wardrobe!

I pulled two of my favourite fabrics from my stash and got to work…

 I’m going to be very honest and say that the gathering on the dress was far from perfect and I also replaced buttons for poppers on the reverse. But, I was very pleased with the result and am excited to make more.

Before I go here’s one last little look at October…


See you soon.



Sunshine, bows and showers…

Hello there! Are you enjoying the three day weekend? I love May for its two bank holidays.


Yesterday we headed off to a Medieval Festival in Wendover. It was like a fantastic country fair with lots of  stalls, inflatables for the little ones and of course ice cream! We had a lovely afternoon pottering around. Little Pickle was particularly taken with throwing wet sponges at a man in the stocks and couldn’t quite believe that he was allowed to have five turns! Amongst the stalls was a gorgeous selection of fabrics and some truly stunning quilts by The Plainstitch Workroom. You can read more about it here. They offer a fantastic selection of workshops and I would really like to sign up for one of their Autumn quilting workshops. I couldn’t resist treating myself to some new fat quarters and came away with this little selection.


So pretty and I have some special plans for them.

Last night Little Pickle had his first proper sleepover with his cousin. This was a real step forward for us and something that we could never have imagined happening even a couple of months ago. It felt so strange leaving him and coming home to an empty house. I think that I had to be braver than he was and really missed him, especially popping in to give him a final kiss and cuddle before I went to bed. He had a lovely time and when I picked him up this morning was already asking when he’ll be able to have another sleepover. I’m so pleased that he enjoyed himself. It’s that funny feeling of being happy that your little one is becoming more independent but also a tiny bit sad that they are becoming more grown up. With school on the horizon I think that this is something that I’m going to have to get used to, even though it still makes me feel a bit wobbly inside.

There have been other jobs to get done this weekend, including getting ready for our holiday which is approaching very soon. I am so excited about going away and feeling some real warmth and sunshine (I’m a bit fed up with all the rain, especially today). If I’m honest I feel like I really need a break and a rest. I’ve been feeling very restless over the past couple of weeks and sense that the winds of change may be blowing my way. I’m looking forward to having some time away with my family and just enjoying their company and the feeling of waking up with no plans or things to do.

My beautiful niece is turning three when we are away and I wanted to share one of her birthday presents with you…


IMGP0719   IMGP0720

IMGP0718   IMGP0716

A little puffy blouse in one of my favourite fabrics. I used the same pattern as her Easter blouse but this time decided to leave off the bottom frill.


IMGP0712   IMGP0711

IMGP0710   IMGP0709

A simple corduroy skirt with pink embroidered butterflies was the next addition to the outfit. This fabric was destined to be a pair of dungarees…however, after cutting out two left legs and making a bit of an epic mistake when sewing them together I decided to abandon the dungarees all together and settled on a little skirt instead. This was my first attempt at a skirt and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. The pattern was from here and it was indeed an easy peasy skirt!

IMGP0733   IMGP0734

IMGP0736   IMGP0735

This little puffy hair bow was the finishing touch and I think that it’s my favourite bit of the whole outfit. I can’t wait to see it all together and I hope that she likes it.

 I’ll be taking a break from my blog for a little while and look forward to sharing some holiday pictures and holiday crafting pictures (oh yes, I’ve got a little stash of holiday craft planned!) with you when I get back.

Au revoir but only for a little while.


PS Thank you for your comments on my last post…I’m so pleased I’m not the only one with show tea towels!


Happiness is….

…the arrival of these gorgeous Tilda scraps from Pretty Fabrics and Trims

IMGP0387   IMGP0386

IMGP0384   IMGP0385

…the palest pinks, beautiful reds, powder blues, and greens from sage to mint…

 IMGP0393   IMGP0392

   IMGP0391   IMGP0390

I can’t wait to use all these little beauties and if you would like some for yourself you can find them here.

Have a lovely time browsing this beautiful website. It is run by the Penny and Sarah who offer the most lovely selection of fabrics, buttons, ribbons, felts as well as wonderful customer service. Sarah also writes a blog that I’m sure you will enjoy as much as I do.

Happy reading and scrap bag shopping!