Soldier, Soldier

Hello there! How are you? Sorry I’ve been a little bit quiet over the past few days. I’ve got a very good excuse and inbetween my day job have been working on a lovely commission for a set of new twins. I always really enjoy commissions for new babies and it makes me feel very happy to think that some of my creations have found homes with little new people.

I was given a completely blank canvas for this project and after sleeping on some of my original ideas….pea pods, planes, trains…I woke up and decided on London soldiers.

One for Mummy and one for Daddy…

IMGP0671   IMGP0676

The main body of the cushion was a very soft linen. I used applique on the main lettering and decided on some hand embroidery for the  names and dates.

IMGP0677 IMGP0675


I decided to create my own Soldier template and after a little bit of alteration and fiddly cutting out I was very pleased with this happy pair.

IMGP0672  IMGP0678

I have to be honest and bits of these cushions were a little bit more time-consuming than others. There were a LOT of threads to tie and trim! There were also a few rude words when a seam decided to pop apart as I was about to start stuffing. It was lovely when they were all finished and I hope that they are now happily in their new nursery.

IMGP0680  IMGP0683

I’ve also been very lucky this week and have received two(!) gifts. The first came from my special friend C in Ireland. We met a long time ago and I miss her a lot. She knows me so well and when I opened up her parcel I found this inside…

IMGP0684  IMGP0686

I wish you could feel the wool…it is so soft and I keep putting my hands in the box just to have a little squish. Aren’t the colours beautiful? They remind me of a little bowl of ice cream.


I did a felt making course a few years ago and can’t wait to have another try…

My second gift came in this very tempting bag…


Inside was the prettiest tea towel…


It’s so pretty that I don’t think I can even keep it for a show tea towel! Does anyone else have these? The kind of tea towels that you just keep for very special visits or is it just me! I hope I’m not the only one…!

Anyway, the pattern on this is so lovely and unusual that I’m planning to turn it into a tote bag.

IMGP0693  IMGP0691

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week. The sun looks set to shine and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it where you are.



2 thoughts on “Soldier, Soldier

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Yes, I have a pretty tea towel I have never used 🙂 The soldiers are so nice and a unique idea.

  2. Helen Smith says:

    The soldier cushions are just lovely, and that wool looks so soft. My tea towel that I have as a keepsake has the recipe for rum punch on it! X

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