Well hello there Spring…

Hello there…have you enjoyed the weekend? Hasn’t it been lovely to wake up to skies that look like this…


and see pretty shadows left by the sunshine.


I have had such a nice weekend, it really has been lovely. It started on Friday when my friend J came round for lunch, cake and lots of crafting chat. We met last Summer at a class where me made our own fabric corsage. We have kept in contact ever since and finally managed to get together on Friday. The time flew by far too quickly but we talked about (amongst lots of other things) crochet, quilting, the Sewing Bee and embroidery. J came along with some of her crafting books and projects and I very gladly shared mine. Making a new friend is a very happy thing and I can’t wait for our next catch up. J has very kindly said she will help me cut out a pattern for a dress I’ve wanted to make for ages and I’m going to try to help her set up her own blog. She is a very talented crafter and I think her blog would be lovely.

Yesterday we decided to get out in the sunshine and took Little Pickle to the Model Village in Beaconsfield. You can read more about it here

We’ve been going there since I was a little girl and it hasn’t changed at all. Little Pickle loves the model trains that travel through the village and I like going because there’s something reassuring about the fact that it hasn’t changed in almost 30 years! I used to complain  a lot about going here as a teenager but now can understand why my mum liked it so much and feel very fond of this quaint little village where everything is in miniature.

There are little cobbled streets that lead to a harbour…

IMGP0258  IMGP0270

A rather grand hotel with an outdoor pool and sunbathing area…it was very popular on Saturday!

IMGP0266  IMGP0267

A group of gypsy caravans that are one of my favourites…


and the chimps tea party…very reminiscent of teatime here on a few occasions!


the gardens are all beautifully kept and there were signs of Spring everywhere.


On our way home I managed to find this …


I was very pleased with this little purchase and have a feeling I may have to return for some of the matching cups. I have thought about them a lot!

In other news I am very excited to be starting a quilt-along with my lovely friend H (an amazing knitter who can also do beautiful crochet). I’ll post more about it soon and have a lovely selection of fabrics ready to be snipped. We have shared lots of excited texts and pictures and H has already made a start on some of her squares. Her colours and patterns look very pretty and it’s made me even more keen to get started.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and some of this pretty candlelight…




5 thoughts on “Well hello there Spring…

  1. Helen Smith says:

    Wasn’t it a beautiful weekend. I love the model village too, something peaceful about it even when lots of children are there. Looking forward to the quilt along. Actually I am very excited about it! (Although I think you kinda already knew that!) Can’t wait to see your fabrics in person. Helen xx

  2. Jo Navin says:

    Reading your kind words has warmed my heart! I enjoyed our get together so much. I can’t wait to see your quilts taking shape, exciting new beginnings!
    Your pics captured the sunny weekend beautifully, and it was particularly
    lovely to see images of the model village which is a
    great favourite of my
    So looking forward to seeing you soon for dressmaking and blogging lessons and more wonderful inspiration, Jo xx.

    • Really looking forward to seeing you again as well and I’ll email very soon to arrange a date! I thought of you when I got the bowl, it reminded me of your favourite colours. It was from Waitrose and there was a very pretty selection of matching glass bowls….too tempting! xxx

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