When it rains…

Hello there. Have you had a lovely weekend? It’s been quite a busy one here and in between swimming lessons and a trip to a very busy soft play I managed to finish off a little project I started just after my last post. I was held up slightly after a particularly silly accident in the kitchen where I managed to burn both my hands. I took something out of the oven, got distracted and promptly turned around and picked it up….minus the oven gloves this time. Oh my, it hurt and the poor palms of my hands were very, very sore. It meant that there was no sewing for me for a few days and I got a bit behind with a lot of projects.

If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that rainbows seem to feature. This was quite accidental and recently I seem to have seen quite a few.

Some big…

Large Rainbow

and some small…


I wanted to include a rainbow in my new project. It was inspired by a magazine cutting given to me by a very thoughtful friend that had a lovely little cloud mobile with hanging rain drops. I had wanted to make something like this for a while and seen some other examples on Pinterest. So, I sketched out a cloud and raindrop and got to work cutting out and embroidering.

IMGP0192  IMGP0194

Aren’t these pretty? I got very distracted by the petal shapes and it got me thinking of all kinds of quilting possibilities and new projects…

I decided to embroider the cloud with one of my favourite sayings and included a little bit of extra decoration.


After some sewing, stuffing and an attempt at the raindrops twice (these were very fiddly!) I ended up with this…


What do you think?

IMGP0243  IMGP0247

IMGP0236  IMGP0238

I think that the raindrops were my favourite bit. They were worth sewing twice (just please don’t look too closely at my stitching)

IMGP0237  IMGP0246

IMGP0231  IMGP0232

I had a small move around of various bits and pieces and this is now hanging up in the bathroom looking very cheery and colourful.

This lovely hyacinth has been brightening and scenting the living room. I love its pale pink stripe.


That’s Little Pickle in the background when he was only a couple of months old. I love this picture.

I have the rest of the Great Gatsby to watch this evening. Busy days have meant that I’ve watched it over three evenings but I’ve loved it. Amazing costumes, flowers and scenery. I’ve really enjoyed every minute…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you soon.



6 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. Helen Smith says:

    The cloud and raindrops are lovely and the saying you embroidered on is beautiful. Loving the rainbows! Helen x

    • Hi Lucy, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I have been visiting your beautiful and very inspiring blog for a long time and am hugely flattered that you like my little cloud…it’s made my evening. Victoria xxxxxxx

  2. AK says:

    that looks absolutly gorgeous you are one very talented lady!! i think once MM has her own room by the end of the year and a theme to go with i need one of your creations to make her room pretty!!

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