Bunting and Birthdays…

Hello there…

Wow, this month has certainly been busy on the birthday front. There have been quite a few of these…


and lots of lovely parties for Little Pickle.

For some of his friends I decided to make some bunting. I always really enjoy making bunting. Once everything is cut out it’s nice and simple to get things stitched together and I quite like how repetitive it is.

One set of bunting had a birdie theme…

IMGP0010  IMGP0009 

  IMGP0008  IMGP0007  

And the other set had a mouse theme…

IMGP0150  IMGP0151

IMGP0153  IMGP0152

I’m just about to use the last piece of the grey and white spot fabric for a new project that’s next to me waiting to be cut out. It’s going to involve a cloud and rain drops…I’m quite excited and have wanted to make it for a while! I probably shouldn’t be starting another project when I’ve already got quite a few (a LOT!) that are still unfinished but after a bit of Pinterest browsing I really wanted to get started!

Enjoy the rest of your week x


3 thoughts on “Bunting and Birthdays…

  1. Jo Navin says:

    Hello Victoria, you’re bunting is adorable, especially the plump birds which made me smile 🙂 what lucky friends to receive these special gifts! I also love the “shadow photo” of the three of you from your last post. Will pop over to email you later today, love Jo xx.

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