A little bit of love…

Hello there…have you had a happy Valentine’s day?

Little Pickle and I decided that we would make some presents for our special family and friends. I had recently found some little storage jars and have been wanting to use them for something special. We decided to fill them with something sweet (Little Pickle was very sure about this!) and after finding the perfect sweets we got to work.

Firstly we had to do a bit of quality control to check that our presents would taste good…

IMGP0081 IMGP0082

Stopping the quality control proved to be a bit tricky for one of us. I love the bees.

Next we popped a mixture of both sweets into our little jars and sealed them with some pretty ribbon and tags that I found here.

Aren’t they cute?

IMGP0090  IMGP0091IMGP0092  IMGP0087

I was very lucky and got treated to a beautiful bunch of red tulips as well as a heart made by Little Pickle. He told me it was Darth Vader. I hadn’t realised Darth Vader was such a romantic but it seems as though beneath that tough exterior he’s all heart!

Furry Pickle also joined the Valentine’s theme and had a snooze on his favourite cushion.




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